Confessions Of A Bikini Waxer: The Dirty Truth

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On Mar 19, 2020, 6:30 AM, John Young wrote:

> How many vaginas do you see a day?
> About 10 a day.
> Are all vaginas different?
> Actually, they're mostly the same. I've only seen a handful of very
> different-looking ones.
> How many people get their asshole waxed?
> The majority. The odd one might say, 'Oh no, that doesn't bother me'
> but most people get it done.
> What's the one thing you wish people would do before they come for a wax?
> I just wish everyone prepared. Going to the toilet before they come
> into the room, and cleaning themselves. I go over the area with a
> cleanser anyway, but I think it is the client's responsibility. If
> you're coming from work, or whatever, then just wiping yourself down
> makes a big difference for me.
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