US Elections 2020: Democrats Reveal GunGrab plan via Biden in Detroit [for later Oppression]

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Mar 11 05:29:19 PDT 2020

Today's white hot political news...

US Democrat Candidates Lay Out Joint Goals to Enable Oppression... Biden aggresses detroit union worker
 Union worker calmly peacefully defends self
 from aggro Democrats with "This is not OK".

Amid aggressing body language and well documented lies...
Biden: "Don't tell me that, pal, or I'm going to go outside with your ass."
Worker: "You're working for me, man"
Biden: "I'm not working for you. Don't be such a horse's ass." w Colion Noir w Anthony Logan w Colion Noir re Beto O'Rourke team Beto the Mandatory
Confiscator for Biden

"Bye Bye Democrats" -- USA (twitter) Colion w Joe Rogan
 "I really wasn't pro gun. And on mental health care, education, gangs,
 stats, conversations, understanding, addressing underlying, and more." Defenseless Equalized Freedom's Safe Place Leverage

Simple intros all over the net Options Responsibility Safety Etc Makers LE too Responsible rights w Tavis Smiley Colion on Sanders and
stupid lawsuits Part of stopping shootings Colion notes Biden Warren Bernie Lies Dem Mandatory Takeback Biden, Beto, Harris, Warren Takeback Biden Biden

Self Defended from law ignoring criminal thugs Why you should not start learning!
 "Who am I kidding, this shit is fun :)" Why not Bernie Sanders How much Tax? Bernie Sanders on your
Natural Rights (note Stasi end) Swiss Credit pt1 Swiss Credit pt2

USA is unique country in world to have wide arms rights backing freedom,
safety, defense, sport, and from tyranny even "democratic" governments
turn into. Wake up Americans, your freedom and more is at stake.

Insane US Democrats hardly seem to proffer trying to
understand and solve underlying society issues, first,
those things they claim to be about. Perhaps because that
requires them to, first, have honorable personal hands-on
responsibility to themself and others... to empower, not to
grab power. A self political problem. "Guns" are not
the problem. "Drugs" are not the problem.

America should focus on education, responsibility, care, charity,
non stigmatizing even free anon support, repositioning the culture,
personal mentality... largests benefits will only come from that.
Not from, and with doing the former no need for, the already diminishing
returns, and further inflaming nature... of unfree laws, Stasi papers, and
grabs the people will rightly find offensive to culture, history, uniqueness.

No law can ever come even close to being able to do what
good ingrained freedom responsible education care etc
can do voluntarily together. Try that, first.

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