Geokeys for private key recovery

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Fri Mar 6 20:44:27 PST 2020

So no one need to look and see what "cypherpunks Digest, Vol 81, Issue
14 (was :> ... about.

On 3/6/20 4:48 PM, Philipp Angele wrote:
> True. "Pure" randomness will always be preferred to provide a maximum
> security.
> If you need a key that you feel could keep your data encrypted for 50
> years, geokeys would not be a good choice.
> However if it is short term use like with bitcoin you can do a trade
> of between level of key security and risk of losing the key.
> You would not have to make sure the encryption lasts for 50 years but
> only as long as you want to keep this key.
>> Am 06.03.2020 um 14:17 schrieb cypherpunks-request at
>> <mailto:cypherpunks-request at>:
>> Even though it would be hard to guess a secret key, this technique
>> reduces the security provided by a secret key made of pure random bits.
>> true?
>>> Please try the POC and share your
>>> thoughts:
>>> Geokeys for Bitcoin and Ether and other killer apps like pgp, ssh

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