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Thu Mar 5 16:35:33 PST 2020

On 3/5/20, Georgi Guninski <guninski at> wrote:
> Is the so called "society" ready for the time when there
> are not enough hospitals for ill from corona virus?
> AFAIK all ill from corona virus are sent to hospitals
> to not spread the disease further.
> The Chinese built a new hospital for about a week.

General purpose hospital is utterly stupid thing to
be flooding cases into under a mass affliction.
Hospital are general triage and specialized case facilities.
Flood them with disease transmitters and you end up
wiping out the entire staff thus shutting the entire hospital down.
Staff and facilities are far more valuable alive to handle the
random shit that shows up at hospitals and do the specialized things.

Instead focus care efficiently tuned to the mass affliction
by diverting all the diseased people away from
hospitals and out to warehouses, cruise ships,
new rapid builds, etc full of cots, food service, mass produced
respirators and other med gear and supplies, tv's, internet, books,
showers, tent farms, drywalled family rooms inside, etc.
Everybody there is already afflicted with the single underlying
issue, so train them to self care and peer care for that,
same as they'd get in the flooded out hospitals for that issue.

Then move whatever number you can handle out to
more complex "hospital" treatment sections
of the same isolation farms as needed.
And accept that big losses will happen.
Flooding your hospitals is *not* going to change that,
and *will* make things worse.

Trying to wipe out all your hospitals, all your
doctors, surgeons, knowledge, etc... is not smart.

Civilization shutdown its mass facilities, wrote off and forgot how
to deal with massive single cause casualties since 70 years
quiet since last big wars, and other causes on that scale,
many of which were easy... "stop the bleeding"...
not "do not catch it too" kind of pandemic hasn't really
been seen in 100+ years.

Now all you have left in cities of *millions* of people,
is under 500 beds total worth of proper isolation wards,
those are largely meant for holding new unknown bugs
and the recurring background noise of known nasties,
with all other space on hospital land dedicated to five
star baby birthing hotels, trendy cancer shops,
pointless architectural atriums, big office rooms, etc.

And all other space in the cities completely tuned to
commercial purposes. With zero durables supply stockpiles,
and no excess production capacity maintained on
decade[s] span cold standby... because "just in time"
wiped all that out.

Deadly contagion is fucked up, expect that.
You should have. People warned you.

Oldnews Protip: Think, prepare, options, then you can isolate
yourselves from people, buy some time, ride some things out.

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