Any Cypherpunk there ?

таракан cryptoanalyzers at
Mon Jun 29 19:14:26 PDT 2020

About the fascist farce and the "law of the masks" over the planet,
 this is like the "Reichstag Fire" technique... you put the virus somewhere (by accident or by malevolence) and you start to use it as a pretext to make the whole world submitting to your laws and you blame normal people for propagating the infection because they refuse to wear "the mask".

We live in a small community of 7 billion souls, all provided with a smartphone and driven by collective fears and psychoses.

That's hilarious to see all these idiots with their useless masks who think they're doing something great. If there was such a lethal virus, there would be piles of bodies in the streets everywhere by now.

It's just one more of these "mutating" viruses probably resulting from a combination of pollution, greed, malevolence, human experimentation and other similar manipulations.

And so what are we doing about that? Nothing... We let them imposing their pseudo-scientific laws with their limited knowledge of what really virus are...

By now many people start to understand that the Covid-19 isn't exactly a biological virus... more a virus in the mind itself... collective delusion and dementia.

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