Industrial society and its present

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> imagine a fully self contained (by extension, fully decentralized!) technology...
Fully self-contained and fully decentralized are mutually exclusive, change my mind.

> ...remove these errors via second sight over your shoulder...
Are you talking about the errors that people make while interacting in the social world? Wtf is second sight and who's looking over my shoulder? 

> a great equalizer for the common person, as they interact with society!
So are guns.

> the fact that we've built technology infrastructures around centralized control and end-user antagonistic devices is no inherent flaw of technology... 
The inherent flaw in technology is that every new kind, from the cotton gin to the smartphone, has been wielded as a weapon over the many to siphon money and power to the few. 

It's true that objects have no inherent moral standing but that's missing the point. There's no inherent flaw in a handgun, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a problem. And don't take me the wrong way, I like guns.

> ...the aggregate errors of fallible humans choosing convenience and cheap, again and again.
> redirecting human effort toward human-centric decentralized technology left as an exercise for the reader. ;)
I can generally agree with this. The continual choice of cheap and easy that the end user makes is beginning to bite them back. Decentralized technology at the moment harder to use if not more expensive but is much less victimizing. 
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