Trump: "This is for the children" -- Fw: Trump Submissions Proof

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Thu Jun 18 07:07:07 PDT 2020

If you can bear a little Javascript for a moment, a bunch of images in this Twitter tomb.

If even 10% of this is true, things may be a little on the up and up...

Remember, Trump is still alive, unlike JFK.

It is not time to relax, there's a great reckoning happening, so now is the time to double down on diligence, prep, constructive and healing actions in this our shared world - whatever be your "cerate" thing, get to...

Pray da powerful prayer, muffas... now is the time.

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Very Interesting if correct?????

Tying up the loose ends?
 Trump Submissions Proof

If you scroll down this twitter link you will see that DJT and the earth
alliance forces were showing their absolute dominance over many world
leaders from 2017:

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