MINISTRY: Disney, others bail on all advertising with Tucker Carlson - Tuck's ratings now #1 - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Wed Jun 17 20:58:18 PDT 2020

You can't cuck the Tuck and although you may not agree with all he says, Tucker Carlson is on fire - both in ratings now surpassing all others in America, including Hannity and Ingraham (giving Fox the top three shows in North America today), and seen in the opposition by the Zio stream media with Disney, T-Mobile and others boycotting Carlson by pulling all their advertisements - which couldn't possibly have --anything-- to do with Tucker ripping them a new one over their Zerohedge boycott :D

A Tucker fan on Twitter gets one thing wrong though - they say "Disney, T-Mobile, Papa John’s & Vari are pandering to mob lunacy' - which is very, very incorrect.

The truth is that "the mob lunacy" is simply that which amplified by the lame stream media such as CNN, MSNBC and Associated Press - they CHOOSE exactly what to amplify, what to publish, what to proclaim that they proclaim is "community voices" and "peaceful profesters" (who are actually, in actual fact, rioters, and anything but peaceful) and therefore it is THEIR OWN MSM/ Zionist agenda of Western and goy destruction, that thay, the MSM, are creating!

   The lame stream Zio media IS the heart of Cancel Culture - they create it.

This is why Tucker, Zerohedge and others are being demonetized and deplatformed - they are failing to pretend that the CNN/MSM/NPC narrative is true and are instead exposing something much closet to actual facts.

And the result of this is what we see more and more - the more truth someone like Tuck speaks, in the face of the abundace of MSM lies around him, the more popular he becomes, and the "strange" "wisdom" of Disiey etc removing their advertising from shows that get -more- popular ...

Enjoy this time folks, prep for the second wave which Goldman Sachs assures us is right around the corner, and pray for a better future - if ever there were a time to start speaking personally to your guardian angel, surely now is the time.

   Tucker Carlson Eclipses Competition As Ratings Go Through The Roof

      .. Carlson's winning streak continued on Monday with 4.2 million viewers, followed by Hannity at 3.7 million and Ingraham at 3.1 million. ...

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