freedom - evolution of jew-kristian fascism in the western cesspool [RESEND]

\0xDynamite dreamingforward at
Sat Jun 6 13:56:30 PDT 2020

> > So, do you have a PLAN?
>         my personal plan is to counter the propaganda underpinning the current political, economic and  'cultural' order.

Sounds good.

> > "Abolish the state" isn't sufficient.  It may not even be necessary.
>         abolishing the state isn't sufficient. It is, however, quite necessary.

So, I'm trying to dream a world where there is no State.  Is it
Marxist communism?  Is it shiny, happy people holding hands?  Maybe
something like

> > Anything more?
>         as far a I can tell, a certain number of people with the correct ideas is needed to resist govcorp and theocracy. Otherwise you end up like Jim Bell or Ross Ulbricht.

Hmm, the "Joo prophesy" calls for a secular order, not a theocratic
one.  There is a Christian philosophy of a "holy catholic church"
which will answer the remaining questions for Wo/Man regarding
religion.  Is that desirable?  Or should there be no connection to the
Divine in this new order?

> > Because, while you were
> > sleeping, you dreamed up the Fight Club and it's already written.
>         not sure what point you're making by rerencing fight club?

The point is, I'm believe, is that the world you want is already made
and is waiting for YOU.

>The main character was rather crazy so I'd describe fight club as hollywood-pentagon propaganda showing the 'dangers' of 'crazy terrists'.

Ha, no, I think not.  The main character was what every anarchist
yearns to be:  intelligent, organized, suave, and a better lover than
any protestant or bourgoisie.

> Oh and yes, buildings get blown up exactly like the buildings the US military blew up during 9/11.
>         Also it's a lot easier to get glycerine from cooking oil.

An interesting point...


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