freedom - evolution of jew-kristian fascism in the western cesspoo.: RESEND

\0xDynamite dreamingforward at
Sat Jun 6 13:08:38 PDT 2020

>> And therefore, by the elimination of the State itself, we will create
>> a new system of freedom away from the State and ABOLISH ALL RULES --
>> even the ones that YOU make for your family or community.
>       so who are you to make any 'rules' for anybody? Oh yeah, you're the typical
> wannabe tyrant. In your case an explicit jew-kristian tyrant.

There is no "who".

>       anyway the topic was the fact that so called 'protestants' are even worse
> garbage than catholics(which is of course saying a lot). And of course
> protestants are the ones behind the anglo-jew-US empire.

Conclusion on punk-stasi:  ALLY.

So, do you have a PLAN?  "Abolish the state" isn't sufficient.  It may
not even be necessary.  Anything more?  Because, while you were
sleeping, you dreamed up the Fight Club and it's already written.


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