the USA 'Left' wildly successful with riots -- Re: US Protesters Storm Torch Police Buildings, Cops Flee, George Floyd Murdered in Minneapolis, Umbrella Men, Antifa

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Sat Jun 6 00:24:18 PDT 2020

So, the "Liberal Lefty Lunatics" in the USA have been, on the political front, wildly successful - Trump's approval figures amongst the Black population have just plummetted, Democrat run cities are saying "good riddence" to the white priviledged patriachy of businesses, and to top it all off, Soros' public image has improved by huge percentage points and so a Democrat revival leading into November is a certainty.

.. or something.

Ahem, read on muh grits :D :D

   Rasmussen: Black Approval For Trump Surges To Over 40%
    Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

      Despite the recent riots over police brutality, Rasmussen has indicated that black approval for the job President Trump is doing is now over 40%.

         “Our Daily Presidential Tracking poll today shows Black Likely Voter approval of the job @realDonaldTrump is now over 40%,” tweeted the polling agency.

      The full results of the poll are yet to be published, but the number suggests that the media’s campaign to frame Trump’s response to the riots as draconian and racist has completely failed.

      .. For comparison, back in August 2019, Rasmussen’s numbers showed black support for Trump hovering at around 26%.

      Several polls conducted in December 2019 also showed black support for Trump over 30%.

      With the economy starting to bounce back and May seeing a record 2.5 million jobs added, the numbers will be encouraging for Trump, who as recently as last month saw his overall job approval job sink to a two-year low.

   Chicago Mayor Begs Walmart, Other Looted Retailers Not To Abandon City

      [picture of apropos perfection of Mayor Lightfoot, not attached - you know you want to see it :)]

      While Chicago officials give slaps on the wrist to arrested protesters, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is begging Walmart and other major retailers who were hit by looting and vandalism to reopen their doors despite riots over the killing of George Floyd by a Minnesota police officer who now faces charges for second-degree murder.

      Lightfoot held a conference call with Walmart and the other retailers when she pleaded with them not to abandon Chicago, according to WBBM.

      "I think in the case of Walmart, what they were focused on was assessing the damage. They are doing an effort to donate fresh produce, to the extent of what's left so it doesn't perish, and other perishables, and they are talking their time, as I would expect," she said.

         There were earlier reports that Walmart expected to rebuild all stores trashed by looters and vandals, but company officials later said they would open some stores and would not say which ones.

         The Mayor said most of the others said they are committed to Chicago. She said she hopes Walmart follows suit. -WBBM

      "My hope is that they will come back," said Lightfoot. "But I got a resounding, 'Mayor, this is our city, this is our home,' from a lot of other retailers and I would hope that Walmart would follow suit."

   In Rare Statement, Soros Denies Paying Protesters To Riot

      Following accusations that paid protesters are hijacking the George Floyd protests and inciting riots, George Soros' Open Society Foundation has issued a rare statement claiming that he - nor anyone else, is funding the chaos.

[Riiiight.  Yep, glad we cleared THAT one up.  Mm hmm...]

      Introducing the statement, Spokesman Michael Vachon writes:

         .. We are appalled by this attempt to delegitimize the genuine outpouring of anger and concern from people in the U.S. and around the world.

      Open Society's statement claims that "We abhor violence of any kind, and will not allow the destructive acts of a few to distract us from the crucial work of coming together and forging a better future for all of our neighbors."

      Soros then claims that the Open Society Foundation nor "any other" are funding protests.

[You see, Soros and OSF know all protesters, all lefty liberals, all financing of all protests, and they can tell you that no one but they do the financing of these things without coordinating with Soros first, and there's literally no one else in the world financing this shit except for Soros, so it cannot possibly be anyone else! Glad we cleared -that- one up :D]

      Many began to question whether the protests have an organized, staged component after piles of mysterious bricks were discovered in major protest towns,
      and a video of what appears to be an organizer paying a protester emerged.

[But if anything, Soros has just told us that this coordination and these 'protest' resources are NEVER paid for, not by ANYone EVER. Says Soros. Really really glad Soros cleared this one up. I would have had doubts otherwise.]

      .. In 2016, Clinton operative Robert Creamer - who visited the Obama white house nearly 350 times -
      'stepped back' from his role as an organizer after a Project Veritas undercover video revealed a discussion on paying agitators to incite violence at Trump rallies in 2016.

      "One of the things we do is we stage very authentic grassroots protests right in their faces at their own events. Like, we infiltrate," said Creamer's former minion, Scott Foval.


Just remember boys and girls, leftists, and especially ANTIFA, would never, ever, co-opt any peaceful protest ever, anywhere ever, for their violent disruptive chaos... and Soros, Obama and others would never, ever arrange direct or indirect payment to such folks. Ever.

Did I mention 'never ever'?

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