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There ain't much more punk these days then standing your ground in the court and declaring the unlawful, treasonous, corrupt corporation 'without jurisdiction' over you.

Of course, getting arrested, put in the clink, and all in front of the Coven's local chapter head Witch, are just bonuses for the awakening punk in training.

Awareness is rising muh grits ... awareness is rising.  These events have been happening all over Australia, and in America and other places too.

When the people are left with little to live for, anarchy of one form or another begins to take hold of their hearts.

Our [the lowly ones] own skin in the game is mostly disrespected, ignored, trampled on.

It's nice to see a little courage here and there, and below is one such example.

Create your world,

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   Magistrate Jane Bentley
    By: Novamagic
    On: 23 May, 2017

The system is now so rattled that instead of pretending to be honest it now
has to come out with overt and open corruption. such is the case of Cairns
Magistrate Jane Bentley in hearing a legal argument – hear is not the
operative word at all. Read this from the Cairns post and you will see what
I mean.
[image: image.png]

<http://novamagic.com/magistrate-jane-bentley/jane-bentley/>One of the
sorriest days in Queensland judicial history played out in the Cairns
Magistrates Court on Monday when two Court Protective Officers threw former
policeman David Walter, 67, to the floor, handcuffed him and led him off to
the watch house.

In the long-running saga Walter was hit with bogus charges by the
Commonwealth Director of Prosecutions for not including a bird collection
in assets when he was forced into bankruptcy by an equally bogus and
corrupt federal legal system.

He was attempting to defend himself against a corporate system designed to
take out any opposition to its satanic objectives.

Presiding Magistrate Jane Bentley is a barrister formerly employed by the
Queensland Police Service, then with the National Crime Authority.

According to witnesses in the public gallery, she was on a mission to
derail Walter at any cost.

Walter subpoenaed Prime Minister Turnbull, Governor General Peter Cosgrove,
Premier Palaszczuk,
[image: image.png]

<http://novamagic.com/magistrate-jane-bentley/david-walter/>Governor Paul
de Jersey(affectionately known within the bureaucracy as ‘Daphne’) and
Police Commissioner Ian Stewart to attend and provide certain documents.

DPP Prosecutor Berens, agreed with Bentley the subpoenas required 21 days
clear notice of service but he claimed they were one day short of the
statutory period.

The Magistrate obviously had pre-determined the subpoenas invalid, thus the
high profile witnesses did not turn up in any case.

When beginning his defence at the bar table Bentley gave Walter three
minutes to outline his case. After one minute, Bentley, an obviously
hostile former DPP employee, talked over the top of him whenever he
mentioned the Corporation.

“You sit under the corporate symbol of and are a member of Peter Beattie’s
corporate ‘my state’ and you have no authority outside of it,” the retired
prosecutor told her.

“I am a private person not of your Corporation that is registered in
Washington DC and you Madam have no authority over any citizen who is not
member of a political party.

“You are a member of a corporation talking to me as a private person.”

Bentley was not going to allow Walter to get his synopsis into the court
records, thus becoming a public disclosure of the corporatized government
and courts with their own ABN numbers.

The Corporation has too much to lose should the already awakening public
giant finally discover the treasonous path down which the political parties
have led this once prosperous state and nation without its consent.

In an increasingly heated exchange between the Magistrate and Walter, he
became angry as she kept talking over him in a louder and louder voice,
warning she would charge him with contempt if he didn’t back down.

Any self-litigant would have reacted in a similar manner when facing such
hostility particularly when one observer described the Magistrates Court
system as a Roman Catholic tribunal, and a ‘pretend court’ operating under
Admiralty rules in which one is unable to mount a defence against bogus

In a highly charged address Walter explained the unlawfulness of the
tribunal, how Beattie changed the Queensland Constitution in 2001, removing
the Queen, and enshrining the public service within the corporation all
without a referendum of the people

Bentley ordered an adjournment after Walter was trussed like a turkey by
court officers, then taken to the caboose for re-education.

When Walter reappeared at 11.30 am he stood manacled in the witness box to
hear new charges read out by Bentley.

Court officers refused his request to loosen the handcuffs which he said
were cutting off his circulation.

Essentially she was charging him with contempt, ignoring her orders that he
shut up, bringing the ‘court’ into disrepute, assaulting court officers,
resisting arrest and other alleged, erroneous misdeeds.

Reminiscent of a Stasi operation in post-war Germany, Bentley ordered
Walter undergo a mental health assessment, a favourite tool of fascist

She warned the penalty for such terrible misdemeanours was 12 months jail
and he “should consider his options” while she was in the driver’s seat as
Walter continued to tell her she had no authority over him.

The magistrate adjourned the bird cage allegations for several weeks,
saying a video trial would probably be arranged to hear the original charge
of not including his hobby of keeping birds as an asset.

Having an unblemished 37 years service as a Northern Territory police
officer and prosecutor, this man, after realising how far society had
descended in the race to the bottom, unselfishly assisted citizens across
the nation in their war against an unwavering, egregious and avaricious,
corporate, partisan system of government.

Other than to record all public electronic communications, the corporation
has been unable to deal with social media, lest it prematurely start a
revolution. For now unblemished information is the only weapon of the

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