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Mon Jul 20 04:28:43 PDT 2020

On Sat, Jul 18, 2020 at 04:53:28PM -0700, Mirimir wrote:
> On 07/18/2020 07:48 AM, Karl wrote:
> > i feel so furious reading this!  it becomes so hard to do my work!  zig why
> > are you saying these things?
> He's saying those things to piss you off. Not you, personally, but
> people generally who care what randoms on the webs say.
> More than that, it's hard to say. Z used to be more of a normal geek on
> this list. But then he started trying to satirize and out-troll Juan aka
> punks at tfwno.gf, who's been here like forever. So Z has more or less
> inverted Juan's tropes, in prototypically Australian style.

You're a kind Soul, Mirimir, and for this I am grateful.

We not only have a right to own our thoughts, but some consider it a sacred duty.

PC (politically correct) censorship, and worse, self censorship, is the usually tacit, often explicit, consent to censorship.

This is consent to the "social Marxists" being in control of what words we may use, and therefore as explained a few times now, what thoughts are permissible.  Such is dictatorship, plain and simple.

In other words this is obviously the death of independent thought.

And _that_ is the ultimate death of the individual, in that we all become now compelled to comply with the new orthodoxy, under threat of personal attack, the threat of society wide disintegration, and on the micro scale, the threat of being accused of "hurting" some "poor, damaged, uniquely fragile" individual.

This all is a sort of penultimate rapture of narcissism, where the individual reigns so supreme, that he dictates acceptable speech (and therefore thought) for all, thus erasing all individuality and ensuring the homogeneity of all.

This last is of course impossible in practice, but that never stopped the unthinking from being led in their lust for power and control from belligerently attempting to destroy all if they don't get their way.  Quite literally "temper tantrums" of (psychologically) 4 year olds, in adult "university educated" bodies.  Such is of course an utter disgrace and blight on the Western "education" system.

And this existential battle of ideology (and truly too, a battle of wills) is heightened to its apex as the "liberal" world empire implodes on itself for want of an enemy (really, go back and read Dugin if you skipped over him - as Dr. Jordan Peterson states, knowledge is power).

Dugin highlights the fundamental paucity of substance in what we think of as the "liberal world order" or "liberal" ideology: "liberalism" as we know it in the West is sadly lived as the negative 'freedom from'.  For example:

 - freedom _from_ communism
 - freedom _from_ fascism
 - freedom _from_ "the suffocating social construct of gender"
 - etc

As Dugin highlights, this "freedom from" is inherently negative, a "liberation" from this or that "evil", and so when the USSR fell, the End of History began, and with it, the inherent end of this negative "liberal"ism, since it had vanquished all enemies, we had been freed "from" the worst evils (the anti-liberalism (supposedly) of Russia's communism).  Which is entirely ironic, as The End of History being caused by the demise of all liberalismi's "enemies", is simultaneously the end of that which opposes those "enemies", i.e. the very "liberalism" which succeeded (as it is a negative ("freedom from") in nature).  Negative (freedom from) liberalism, cannot exist without an enemy to fight to the death and liberate us from.  This normally would all be rather funny, except the present society wide consequences (for whatever superficial and other causes), are very significant, there is quite possibly great danger immediately ahead - so, we must tread  very  carefully.

In this present penultimate insanity, all who fail to uphold the "freedom from" dogma of the day, are heathens, infidels who must be sacrificed on the alter of the Social Justice Cathedral.

Historically, the literal death of infidels follows in short order, by the guns, torture and murder done by a dictator and his regime.  We must tread carefully.

The "4th political theory" which Dugin begins to put forth is ironically at once both an opposite of "liberalism and the glory of the individual", and yet it is also very similar and the term used "dasein" speaks directly to the _beingness_ of the individual!  This is quite existential (!), yet admits of all aspects (and all needs) of the experience of the individual, rather than the eternally pithy "freedom _from_ some bad dogma 'out there'".

Note however that dasein is wrt a positive and not a negative "individuality" or rather "experience of" - where the reality of the individual, his beingness, becomes central to some new "way" or "ideology": dasein (/ 4th political theory) is finally a truly existential construct, not the oh so superficial narcissism of the "negative freedoms _from_" which "liberalism" (as we unfortunately call it) supposedly "frees" us from.

This is why today, with the phoenix of modern Russia just starting to rise again from her Western "king hits" coma she was in, we can say with no irony at all:

   Russia is simultaneously both more conservative,
   AND more liberal,
   than the West today (~2020).

This is a stunning observation which Dugin's clarity (as small a seedling as it is) assists us in observing and comprehending.  No small feat, that.

The "liberal" West does in fact, in a very existential way, need Russia, not only as a counterpoint to our own (collective) evil and looming insanity, but as that star on the horizon guiding us from the pit we dug ourselves into; Russia is a construct of not only history, culture and family ("conservative" values which truth be told, most humans deeply crave) but is a philosophical construct to liberate us from liberalism, into a wholistic environment without which the individual is truly enslaved to his independence and individuality:

 - "independence" is truly an illusion, as we are intimately co-dependant on one another for technology, food, love and connection

 - "individual" means "I-divide-u-all" or "in separation, I am divided from you all"

We crave, no we need love and connection, not separation - or we go quite literally insane and then we attempt to fill this gaping void (which maximal "individuality" rips inside of us) by going shopping, purchasing something to make us happy, fill the void, which of course no "thing" can ever do...

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