Assange Superseding Indictment

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> > if governmetn agents spy, steal, torture, kill and the like they can't then object when they are treated in the same way.
> >
> > > >     take for instance cops and soldiers, who are nothing but govcorp's hitmen. Those people can't complain if they are exterminated like they deserve to be.
> > > >
> > >
> > > I generally agree, although I'm not so bloodthirsty about it ;)
> >
> > well strictly speaking they should be given the chance to surrender and pay for the damage they caused. And if they don't...
> There's a territory where such things can be debated everyday in real conditions, it's the D.N.R (DPR in English).
> In that territory, no such words as yours are used for nothing because they mean exactly what they mean.
> Yes, vengeance - vendetta - against such Gov agents (funded and trained by the CIA),  as you described, is there every day and shared among most - if not all - of the population.
> Frankly speaking, there's nothing romantic - as you could have expected - and just plain and endless Gore and Horror ( at least in the 'conflict' zones )  in such a way that it ended becoming almost comical.

	yeah, I wasn't thinking of it in romantic terms. Rather I was commenting on the justice side of things. 

> I've never been in the USA (fortunately) but I am sure that the police and security forces there are extremely dangerous, over-weaponized, unpredictable and frankly speaking they seem to have 'a licence to kill' whoever they like (or more precisely whoever they dislike). I wouldn't want to go there because what happens if you are forced to fight such police ?

	yeah, that sounds like a fair description of the US police state. However I'd point out that cops and soldiers are despicable cowards. They do what they do only because they know they are better organized than their victims. It takes many cops to attack a single victim. 

> Whatever, there are no fights without an army - it's just called a massacre.

	Well, what's needed is some critical mass of people with some degree of coordination, not necessarily an army. 

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