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> there is that sentence from Nietzsche that says 'Wenn dulange in einenAbgrundblickst, blickt derAbgrundauch in dich hinein' , in other terms if you fight monsters, do not become one yourself and if you look deep into the abyss, the abyss also looks deep into you.
> That say making lessons to the one who is rotting in jail is a bit too comfortable.

this is the moral hazard of hacking: spend time violating technical boundaries, it becomes too easy to apply this tactic in all areas of life.

given the overlapping set of cypherpunks and hackers, i see a similar siren song at play: gird yourself for battle against governments, and find yourself isolated in your all encompassing protections; alienating the very font of our own humanity...

as you say, easy to cast stones from a safe distance. our turn in the crucible might be next!

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