Assange Superseding Indictment

таракан cryptoanalyzers at
Wed Jul 1 03:54:00 PDT 2020

> As I see it, privacy rights are inversely proportional to power over
> others.

It's a dangerous view... so unless you're totally inoffensive, you have no right to privacy ?

Actual system think also about the same ...

> So even if governments are necessary, which is questionable at
> best, nothing about them ought to be private. Because openness is a
> prerequisite for public oversight. And because despotism is totally
> inevitable without public oversight.

Governments are not necessary at all if we consider a population where *each individual* can self-govern itself. So far you can't get x people, make them live together without conflicts, hate, jealousy, conspiracy etc... it's human nature.

Here the point I think would be more to protect oneself to be spied by governments rather than to spy on governments.

To be able to live - simply to live in freedom - without tracking, constraints, control, monitoring (not only from Gov but also from other people acting as if they were the Government)  is a terrible challenge nowadays. No need to go and try to hack the secrets of corporations.(which BTW have not so big secrets ...)

Possibly a new form of resistance will be to try to simply ... live in a world shaped by global video-monitoring, paranoia, fear, controls, distrust, etc...

Live without having to wear masks to get food or money. Live without having to make selfie of your ass to get a phone number. Life without the fear to get video-monitored by the iPhones of people in secret. Life without having to show your ID at anytime to anyone dressed in something looking as a uniform with insignia.

Yet it is claimed that a society without control would result in a large criminal world where several mafias would rule and you would fear to get wounded or killed at any corner of the street.

But 'Mafia' is also and before all a 'society' of control. Their controls are far more cruel than anyone can imagine.

All this isn't new, the "game changer" is technology which provide evil governments the way to make the planet as a giant 'supermax'.

Once again, this is probably where Cypherpunks, or others who still may have to come, may have a role to play as well... because this is all about technology (and the science behind)... one can fight against technology of controls (gps/sim/ai/pki/...)  only by using an equivalent - if not superior - technology in order to defat these technologies of control.

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