Assange Superseding Indictment

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Wed Jul 1 08:46:06 PDT 2020

On Wed, Jul 01, 2020 at 10:54:00AM +0000, таракан wrote:
> > As I see it, privacy rights are inversely proportional to power over
> > others.
> It's a dangerous view... so unless you're totally inoffensive, you have no right to privacy ?
> Actual system think also about the same ...
> > So even if governments are necessary, which is questionable at
> > best, nothing about them ought to be private. Because openness is a
> > prerequisite for public oversight. And because despotism is totally
> > inevitable without public oversight.
> Governments are not necessary at all if we consider a population where *each individual* can self-govern itself. So far you can't get x people, make them live together without conflicts, hate, jealousy, conspiracy etc... it's human nature.
> Here the point I think would be more to protect oneself to be spied by governments rather than to spy on governments.
> To be able to live - simply to live in freedom - without tracking, constraints, control, monitoring (not only from Gov but also from other people acting as if they were the Government)  is a terrible challenge nowadays. No need to go and try to hack the secrets of corporations.(which BTW have not so big secrets ...)
> Possibly a new form of resistance will be to try to simply ... live in a world shaped by global video-monitoring, paranoia, fear, controls, distrust, etc...
> Live without having to wear masks to get food or money. Live without having to make selfie of your ass to get a phone number. Life without the fear to get video-monitored by the iPhones of people in secret. Life without having to show your ID at anytime to anyone dressed in something looking as a uniform with insignia.
> Yet it is claimed that a society without control would result in a large criminal world where several mafias would rule and you would fear to get wounded or killed at any corner of the street.
> But 'Mafia' is also and before all a 'society' of control. Their controls are far more cruel than anyone can imagine.
> All this isn't new, the "game changer" is technology which provide evil governments the way to make the planet as a giant 'supermax'.
> Once again, this is probably where Cypherpunks, or others who still may have to come, may have a role to play as well... because this is all about technology (and the science behind)... one can fight against technology of controls (gps/sim/ai/pki/...)  only by using an equivalent - if not superior - technology in order to defat these technologies of control.

Defeating the authority/ power/ control of another, even the very concept, gives some implicit, even explicit, recognition and engagement of that other, involvement in bringing closer to my heart it's evil.

Try as I might, the paradox dominates me, smashing the fabric of thought itself no the rocks of apparent certainty...

It is not fighting and defeating we must seek - in fact the opposite since defeating includes "may be being defeated", so this is tacit (or worse) consent to the war, is it not personal involvement, recognition , and wringing every ounce of life out of this war, so "real" there is no other life ... then  ..  no life  ?    ??

This thinking we have is entrained over millenia - we must instead ditch "drone" thinking.  Push against wall makes wall heavy, ignore wall it does not have so much existence in my consciousness.

Application of this principle is the riddle in a rhyme in a conundrum of uncertainty but hope for an alternative to this war..

If "to fight" begats war, we must not fight, at least not for "to fight the good fight" alone in that there we die .. fruitless.  But what then?

Plug holes in bucket? create loopholes for a few?  Wherefore what for ought we do?

Tis evidently not so easy to know what to do?

Is it a secret?

Perhaps yes -and- no.

Can our entrained, enschooled, ensheepled think, be a primary barrier to our living in freedom?

Is "MY mind" the ultimate virus?

Is it "I"?

What clouds my mind so, that I struggle so, to think outside the box, the war, the ever present evil in "others" "out there", ever never blame within?

Johnathan briefly shook in fear as he contemplated the unending unfathomables, sinking once more into his trancelike apoplexy as he again held the table for it's feigned succour of external support - yet a physical, so temporary illusion of solidity which immediately began slipping again from his awareness and reality.


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