Cryptoanarchy at 32

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat Dec 26 00:49:12 PST 2020

Fascinating - please tell us more about your desire to have Jacob Appelbaum shit in your mouth, Mr Batshit Crazy.

PS - cryptoanarchy will be 42 in 2030, 2030 was the date originally suggested by R. Kurzweil for strong AI to  be possible. 

PPS - Baudrillard suggested Marxism was a religion of production. Certainly I plan to have it gazetted as one ASAP.

PPPS - Sartre was a left-fascist ( like James Arsehole Donald Dumbfuck ) But at least he had the good grace to drop dead.

PPPPS - still zero evidence of any Marxist style " GovCorp " running the world. That was a lie in 1850 and an even bigger lie now. 

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