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> what does this mean?
> ...
> "To publish this article, I had to submit it for review to three
> separate organizations: the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security
> Command, United States Cyber Command (my employer), and the National
> Security Agency (NSA). In total, it took just under two months to
> secure approval from all three organizations for public release,
> significantly longer than it took to actually write the article
> itself. And this is still substantially faster than Cyber Command’s
> process to review and approve actual cyberspace operations, a system
> subjected to similar redundancy and repetition."

in the intelligence community, a rule applies:
"pre-publication review", for national security risks.

see https://knightcolumbia.org/content/prepublication-review-by-agency-and-agreement

 ^- a handy matrix of agency specific requirements.

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P.S. this, among other reasons, is why you should *NEVER* sign a secrecy agreement - it binds you for life, and encumbers your ability to speak freely forever after...

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