Please review: Petition to President Trump to Declare Martial Law

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Mon Dec 21 05:08:07 PST 2020

On Sun, Dec 20, 2020 at 07:46:05PM -0600, Shawn K. Quinn wrote:
> On 12/19/20 05:31, some guy from Australia wrote:
> > Hi folks, if you have a few minutes, please review this proposed petition to Trump.
> > 
> > It also needs a destination for each "signee" to send their copy to - perhaps this is somewhere at ?
> What standing does someone from Australia have regarding martial law in
> the United States of America, and what is the legal basis for such
> standing if any?
> My hunch is "none" and "not applicable" but I'd like to hear the other side.

The legal standing of an individual non-US citizen to call on the US president to declare martial law is small, but not none, and not negligible.  In the present circumstances, the policies of Trump vs Biden, may have a great impact on the maintenance, or collapse, of the US dollar.

The reason our interest is not none, is that the outcome of the US presidency affects most of us 'non-US citizens' due to the US dollar presently still being the reserve currency for most countries in the world, certainly including Australia.

If the Biden socialists/communists prevail, this may precipitate an exodus from the US dollar and its fall from power ("reserve currency of the world").

And if THAT happens, it may well take down the Aussie dollar with it.

This is a part of our --interest-- as Australians in our system of government and fiat money, which since Bretton Woods has been intimately entwined with the US dollar, for good and for bad.

So we individually and collectively (as Aussies) have this interest in the presidency of the US, and any policies which may lead to a collapse of the US dollar's standing in the world (remember Putin re the US actually starting to use (rather than merely threaten to use) dollar sanctions against Russia, China etc: "the West has made a colossal mistake").

Legal standing, is inherent in "interest".

Interest may be financial, or may be some other interest.

Such "shared interest" gives rise to the standing needed for any call for a global government, one world military etc.

Different groups of people (family, city, state, nation, world) have specific and different shared interests, and corresponding inherent standing.

Inherent standing is "in principle".  Legal standing is a "realized" portion of inherent standing, and sometimes is purely a fiction, e.g. when standing is afforded by a court to a fictitious entity such as a statutory company.

In direct communication with the POTUS, an individual exercises his original jurisdiction to so communicate.

When we see e.g. a few million non-US citizens calling for Trump to declare martial law, he may or may not accord us any standing, from his point of view, but whether or not he does is almost irrelevant to the purpose of this petition, which is for individuals to exercise their original jurisdiction and so manifest their corresponding will in regards to this petition, and thus manifest a shared will, a shared intention -with- president Trump, the primary hoped-for effect being the reduction of Trump being a target for any revenge for such an act, that is to reduce the likelihood that Trump gets JFK'ed.

>From that perspective, we all have standing to communicate, at least to the extent that our intended recipient of our communication is willing to receive our communication.

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