Stupid cunt, Cecilia Tanaka

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Dec 13 01:03:07 PST 2020

"... I will be here and when the moment arrives, I will kill you because my
values and my loved ones need to be protected.

Complete Absence of Censorship is one of our pillars.  Learn to respect our
culture and, maybe to make it better, but never disrespect the Right Of
Free Expression of anyone, please.  It's horrible and unfair..."

I'm glad you recognize the right to self-defense as a defense against any murder charge.

But you're still not listening to this vital point. Anarchists are under ZERO obligation to recognize the rights of any known fascist. We have a right to destroy those who would destroy us.  " Fascism is not to be debated. It is to be smashed " - Buenoventura Durruti

This is a crypto-ANARCHISTS list, not a free-speech forum. You respect our tenets here.

Or else...

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