Stupid cunt, Cecilia Tanaka

Cecilia Tanaka cecilia.tanaka at
Sun Dec 13 02:20:41 PST 2020

On Sun, Dec 13, 2020, 06:03 professor rat <pro2rat at> wrote:

"... I will be here and when the moment arrives, I will kill you because my
> values and my loved ones need to be protected.
> Complete Absence of Censorship is one of our pillars.  Learn to respect our
> culture and, maybe to make it better, but never disrespect the Right Of
> Free Expression of anyone, please.  It's horrible and unfair..."
> I'm glad you recognize the right to self-defense as a defense against any
> murder charge.

Yep, everybody wants to protect those who love and avoid being harmful,
when possible.  Not completely sure, but I think all the existent
legislation in this world recognize the right to self-defense.

So run, run pretty faster as you can, my little ball of fur, because I will
be ready for killing you and more people, if necessary.

It's easy to track me when I want, when I use my real name and try to be a
good girl, but did you notice you don't know who I really am?  :D

> But you're still not listening to this vital point. Anarchists are under
> ZERO obligation to recognize the rights of any known fascist. We have a
> right to destroy those who would destroy us.  " Fascism is not to be
> debated. It is to be smashed " - Buenoventura Durruti

> They are people, Matt.  They have the same right to life than us, even
> when I want to kill some of them.  They have families, friends, dreams,
> hopes, fears, trauma, exactly like us.
> This is a crypto-ANARCHISTS list, not a free-speech forum. You respect our
> tenets here.
> Or else...

Or you will post a TikTok video complaining about my message to your
mommy?  :-o

Oh, the fear, the horror...  It is making my blood becoming ice!  Please,
please, I beg you!  Mercy, stop screaming like favorite mommy's little girl
and become a real man. At least 25% of one, please.

Fight like a man, stupid coward.  "Oh, are you so weak do you need a woman
to defend you?"  Not your mommy again, please.
*Anarchists respect Free Speech and Freedom!!!*
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