Catholics should love Jews like Jesus

professor rat pro2rat at
Tue Dec 1 22:57:32 PST 2020

"... OH WAIT, that's not your joo marx whose cock you dutifully suck. That's FUCKING ADAM SMITH. ..."

What; and YOU'RE calling ME drunk!?

You know your bum-buddies, Yasha and Julio both suck Ed LIMINOV's dick, don't you, channer FAG moron?
The Hammer-and-Suckle Jew-hater crowd - the NAZBOL turds like Ames, Taibbi, Israel Shamir and Glenin. Brownshirt, Rohm SA type losers all the way down.

The anti-capitalism of national-socialism. Perfect for our little Goatse-boy, Batshit.

Batshit today - batshit tomorrow - batshit forever.  Happy Chemtrails.

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