Catholics should love Jews like Jesus

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Tue Dec 1 21:46:36 PST 2020

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professor rat <pro2rat at> wrote:

> Okay so its not Xtian anti-semitism..., whoops...sorry...anticapitalism...and its not ' the socialism of fools ' anti-semitism, sorry, anticapitalism 

	are you drunk? 

> and its anti " Stasi 2;0 " which is...yourself, going by the nym. 

	no fucktard, I put "stasi 2.0" in my 'nym' to remind the technofascist scum like you that what your 'crypto' 'revolution' has achieved is...the creation of the stasi 2.0, with powers infinitely superior to those of the old stasi.

> With anti-capitalist enemies like this dipshit, capitalists don't need friends

> You have as much evidence for your Jewish, globalist ' Gov-Corp '

	I never said govcorp is exclusively jooish, you drunken turd. As to the existence of the transnational oligarchy that rules the world, there are two reasons to deny it 

	1) insanity
	2) being on their payroll - your case. 

> as Karl Marx had for his bourgeois-class Gov-executive.

	looks like the turd is pretending to ignore the obvious fact that his joo marx stole all 'his' political theory from liberals....who were well aware that yes, the government exists to grant privileges to "merchants and manufacturers" and yes, the state is the executive arm of "merchants and manufacturers" - listen to marx : 

	"The severity of many of the laws which have been enacted for the security of the revenue is very justly complained of, as imposing heavy penalties upon actions which, antecedent to the statutes that declared them to be crimes, had always been understood to be innocent. But the cruellest of our revenue laws, I will venture to affirm, are mild and gentle in comparison of some of those which the clamour of our merchants and manufacturers has extorted from the legislature for the support of their own absurd and oppressive monopolies. Like the laws of Draco, these laws may be said to be all written in blood." 

	OH WAIT, that's not your joo marx whose cock you dutifully suck. That's FUCKING ADAM SMITH.

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