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Mon May 13 11:12:46 PDT 2019

> On 5/12/19 9:59 PM, \0xDynamite wrote:
>> Sorry for this little diversion,
>> If light travels at a. different speed for different colors in order
>> to account for the rainbow of a prism, how fast is the. speed of light
>> then?
> The speed of light is a physical constant.  The frequency (or
> wavelength) of a photon determines its energy and therefore, to the
> human eye, its color.

If light's speed is a physical constant, then light wouldn't separate
into colors within a prism.

>> Is there real physics to optics?  How can light know what
>> direction to bend after it leaves the lens?
> >
> Longer answer:

I didn't see any example of how light knows which way to bend towards
a focal point in that reference.  Full disclosure:  I already know
there's no physical explanation to these problems.  I am deist.

There is no way to explain the rainbow, either.  raindrops are MOVING
objects -- whatever lensing effects that are present are nullified by
the waving of the water near terminal velocity.  Just a headsup for
those who report to the Church (of Science).

As a deist, I'm content knowing that forces in GOD make these things
happen, and finally takes a load of my mind in explaining things like
the double-slit experiment.  (Which, btw, is beyond a naive "god does
it", but an understanding of theology and METAphysics:  how god
optimizes processing and "computation").


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