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On 5/12/19 9:59 PM, \0xDynamite wrote:
> Sorry for this little diversion, but it has occurred to me that
> physics has a bit of a logical contradiction and I think highly of the
> group's rational faculties here to help me sort this out.
> If light travels at a. different speed for different colors in order
> to account for the rainbow of a prism, how fast is the. speed of light
> then?  Is there real physics to optics?  How can light know what
> direction to bend after it leaves the lens?

The speed of light is a physical constant.  The frequency (or
wavelength) of a photon determines its energy and therefore, to the
human eye, its color.

Longer answer:

Our ability to perceive light, and construct models of what it's
bouncing off in realtime, has presented interesting problems to many
noted scientists over the years.  An illustrative example:


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