Former US intel analyst arrested for leaking DroneWar dox

Steve Kinney admin at
Sat May 11 20:57:20 PDT 2019

On 5/11/19 12:16 AM, Razer wrote:
> A former US intel analyst was arrested Thursday under the Espionage Act.
> He allegedly leaked dox about the US Drone War program. Daniel Hale
> faces up to 50 yrs in prison, accused of disclosing 11 top secret/secret
> documents to a reporter.

If this took place before The Intercept burned Reality Winner, shame on
The Intercept.  If it took place after, shame on the leaker.

I saw a story indicating that prior to publishing the material submitted
by Ms. Winner, The Intercept called the Feds to verify that the zip code
on the package matched the facility their source told them it came from.
 Not certain this actually happened - but given what came next I do not
doubt it.

The Intercept published at least one high quality scan of a document
sent by Ms. Winner, with the printer's watermarks intact:  This told
world + Feds the printer's serial number, and time the document was
printed.  When I read about that, I went to The Intercp's site and
downloaded the image in question.  I bumped up the contrast and tweaked
its colors a bit:  Viola, the repeating watermark pattern jumped right out.

Starting on the date The Intecept openly and publicly burned Ms. Winner
- whether through shocking ignorance and negligence, or by design -
anyone who sends them 'dangerous documents' has no one to blame but
themselves the first morning they wake up in a Federal prison.


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