Source of PoC

John Newman jnn at
Wed Mar 20 22:36:04 PDT 2019

On March 21, 2019 5:03:03 AM UTC, Ryan Carboni <33389 at> wrote:
>The proof of concept was provided to me by the FBI in an entrapment
>attempt against me to charge me with internet piracy.
>They are not conducting a legally valid investigation, rather they are
>conducting a campaign of harassment against me under color of law, and
>are using normal legal processes to provide a hint of validity in case
>they are sued by me.
>Because they are intentionally conducting a 25% legal investigation
>against me, they have to continuously invent new ways to entrap and
>ruin my life.
>The latest attempt still involves controlling all aspects of my life,
>but they are using informant-doctors to advise my parents to threaten
>kicking me out of the house and forcing me to sign a fraudulent IRS
>form designed by the FBI.
>The FBI has prevented me from obtaining any means of independent
>The fact that I am still saying I am being harassed and the fact that
>the FBI is too embarrassed to publicly admit to their private
>gaslighting effort is evidence enough.

Do you consider yourself a Targeted Individual? are you experiencing "gangstalking"?

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