Source of PoC

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Wed Mar 20 23:18:35 PDT 2019

On Thu, Mar 21, 2019 at 05:03:03AM +0000, Ryan Carboni wrote:
> The proof of concept was provided to me by the FBI in an entrapment attempt against me to charge me with internet piracy.
> They are not conducting a legally valid investigation, rather they are conducting a campaign of harassment against me under color of law, and are using normal legal processes to provide a hint of validity in case they are sued by me.
> Because they are intentionally conducting a 25% legal investigation against me, they have to continuously invent new ways to entrap and ruin my life.
> The latest attempt still involves controlling all aspects of my life, but they are using informant-doctors to advise my parents to threaten kicking me out of the house and forcing me to sign a fraudulent IRS form designed by the FBI.
> The FBI has prevented me from obtaining any means of independent sustainance.
> The fact that I am still saying I am being harassed and the fact that the FBI is too embarrassed to publicly admit to their private gaslighting effort is evidence enough.

Your focus is excessively on yourself. Not being negative, just
observing that this is literally "self centered", leading to nihilism
leading to (likely as not, legitimate) paranoia due to your
personality profile and history to date.

The point of the observation is the consequent suggestion - begin to
put attention on those outside yourself that you could help in some
way, or upon something you could create (software? things?) that
might be useful to others or to many...

In this way, your flow outwards is strengthened or begun again, not
bottling up inside.

What calls your heart? Make a new history for yourself beginning now
- be the awesome you that is the you you be to think, create, act in
the creation of the world you wish to create.

Good luck,

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