Google helps China not America

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> Top US general says Google is indirectly helping the Chinese military via

    >For completness sake, let me translate  : 

   > The americunt invasion of china is proceeding as planned, and google is obviously part of the invading forces. The fact that supreme americunt scum like google is allowed to operate in china is BAD NEWS for china. What google is OBVIOUSLY doing is spying on behalf of the pentagon. Wrong wording. Google IS the pentagon.

   > Now, notice how such a fact is turned by some english cunts on the pentagon's payroll into the exact opposite : google is actually attacking china, BUT according to right-wing fucktards google is 'betraying' glorious amerikkka and working for the 'commies'. I guess the english cunts from the dailyscumail learned their Orwell lessons well. 

 >   So I do wonder why would Jim link that sort of utter propaganda garbage>
Just because it is "utter propaganda garbage", doesn't mean that we cannot learn from it.

> with no comments on his part.
Simple answer:  I often see articles that I want to post on CP.  But, usually I first see them on my smartphone, and it isn't easy for me to add my own comments to these postings from the silly glass keyboards that a user of a smartphone is obliged to use.  If I really felt my explanation was necessary, I'd take the time to go to my computer, find the article in question, and post it along with my own comments.  But usually, I don't.  
                Jim Bell



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