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> Most of you aren't old enough to remember that "time-shared" computers were all the rage in the 60's and even much of the 1970's.   Individuals couldn't afford computers of their own. 

	but then personal computers got cheaper and as a result computing power became more widely distributed. That of course didn't cause the collapse of western government-corporation totalitarianism but at least it was a development in a positive direction.

	BUT, that's not the whole story. As microelectronics became even more common, people started using retardphones, and now they are connected to a worldwide tracking/spying network AND the worldwide fucktard users store their data on a bunch of 'mainframes' onwed by their worst enemies : multinational govcorp.

> Today, I believe that there are quantum computers that are net-accessable. 

	you mean, the nsa has a working computer? I

> In fact, for a few years I suspect that most quantum-computers will be accessed (if they are accessed at all) over the Internet.    Like the big mainframes of the 1960's, few companies will have enough money to buy and maintain them onsite.  

	"for a few years"? There's no working QC computer, not even the ones costing 10s of millions work. And yet you think in a "few years" there will be personal 'quantum' computers? 


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