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>Moscow has not been friendly towards non-Fiat cryptocurrency.

>The actual paper...

>Quantum-secured blockchain - Kiktenko

>And the only cryptocurrencies people should trust will be the
>Distributed P2P Transaction Mineable AnonPriv Cryptocurrencies,
>aka not Fiat, else there's no point, just use GovCoin, BankCoin,
>or CorpCoin, they're all the same... ShitCoin.

>> This technology, if it exists, which I doubt, secures the channels
>> through which crypto coins are sent

>Considering end users won't be able to buy the quantum hardware,
>optical links, etc needed for the QKD anytime soon... privacy coins
>over Mix Darknets WiFi are for now at least reasonable channel
>security for some use cases. This paper blurbs Zcash and Loopix ...

Most of you aren't old enough to remember that "time-shared" computers were all the rage in the 60's and even much of the 1970's.   Individuals couldn't afford computers of their own.  I once (1976, MIT, MITERS, the electronics club) used a PDP-7 computer, which I believe was sold for about $72,000 in 1964, which I suppose would be about $820,000 in 2019 dollars.  In 1964, it was called a "personal computer" because it was considered small enough, and cheap enough, for individuals (well-connected individuals) to afford and operate.×
Today, I believe that there are quantum computers that are net-accessable.  In fact, for a few years I suspect that most quantum-computers will be accessed (if they are accessed at all) over the Internet.    Like the big mainframes of the 1960's, few companies will have enough money to buy and maintain them onsite.  
            Jim Bell

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