laundering tax-theft shekels for your coaxial Ru-chopper job - “NASA's Mars Helicopter makes maiden flight in JPL simulator”

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Sun Mar 31 22:16:55 PDT 2019

Classic laundering of tax dollars on so-called "research".  As
private USA corporate interests want to get back in the coaxial
helicopter game, what better way than fund your novo "catchup with
the Russkies" project than funnelling some tax theft shekels through
a something something something "NASA Mars helicopter" something...

Quadcopter or hexacopter provide greater flying redundancy and power
balancing flight modes (particularly important in extreme remote
environment as Mars), so coaxial autonomous chopper is just a fancy
way to spend (thieve) millions of sheckels.

And you prolly want a light weight fixed wing craft with variable
axis props (lift + rotate to pusher/puller) to maximise solar powered
flight time for such remote autonomous micro flying craft blah blah
blah ...

Cest la (((vie)))...

NASA's Mars Helicopter makes maiden flight in JPL simulator

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