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grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Mar 31 22:08:35 PDT 2019

On 3/31/19, furrier <furrier at> wrote:
> Monero fork with

Probably the typical non fundamentally
meaningful diffs that so many hundreds
of pointless metoo and infight forks have.

Same for all the Linux distros...
it's still just Linux inside... just
different tweaks and bling. Nothing to see
move along. Until one of them hits, if ever.

> premine

Nothing but scams. Don't use if don't like it.

> governance tax

Paid version of BDFL's, dubiously decentral,
evaluate and use it or not.

It's not inconceivable that an AI could pay
on all sorts of election systems.
Or users just pay directly for what's good.

Completely anonymous darknet ongoing development
teams are also still very much an untried thing.

> 50% funds lockup for
> "market-based sybil resistance"

In a distributed system, Sybil's capabilities
go down as the number of self aware participants
actiing together in resistance goes up thus raising
the cost to prohibitive in an otherwise secure system.

A lockup / tax for early expenditure could make sense,
tapering over adoption to payout remainder to UTXO's,
but there's no Automaton Program released and
executing in any network to perform such defenses
as buying good or disabling bad nodes on its own.

So keyholding and whatever other human driven
schemes get scammy or pointless and the coins
fail when the users realize it.

Some old Satoshi theory... Longest chains resolve
all questions over time, right?

> do they utilize I2P at the
> networking layer or did they roll out they own custom solution like Kovri?

I2P, I2Pd, Kovri, Phantom, Loopix, Tor, NNTP,
ROFLcopters, whatever... just tech to see and play with.

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