The US government is involved in black magic

Ryan Carboni 33389 at
Sun Mar 24 15:40:35 PDT 2019

There has been speculation that there is an occult nexus with the cow mutilations of the 80s, which involved bloodless killings of cows with seemingly random organs being surgically removed. It is odd that the Peggy Hettrick murder case in ‘88 involved surgical removal of some sexual organs. The crime scene was such that it is possible for someone to mistake the body for a mannequin.

It is spectacular that the “FBI Behavioral Science Unit” participated in something improbable, they thought a high school student with no connection to the crime other than being seen in the area briefly was involved.

It isn’t clear how he could have done it, but no doubt they have all learned about the Milgram experiment, only to miss the point. If they were ordered to do the indefensible, would they refuse? If their actions were questioned, would they defend themselves? Would they defend their institution?

“Nations, like individuals, are punished for their transgressions.”

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