The US government is involved in black magic

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On 3/24/19 6:40 PM, Ryan Carboni wrote:
> There has been speculation that there is an occult nexus with the cow
> mutilations of the 80s, which involved bloodless killings of cows with
> seemingly random organs being surgically removed. It is odd that the
> Peggy Hettrick murder case in ‘88 involved surgical removal of some
> sexual organs. The crime scene was such that it is possible for someone
> to mistake the body for a mannequin.
> It is spectacular that the “FBI Behavioral Science Unit” participated in
> something improbable, they thought a high school student with no
> connection to the crime other than being seen in the area briefly was
> involved. 
> It isn’t clear how he could have done it, but no doubt they have all
> learned about the Milgram experiment, only to miss the point. If they
> were ordered to do the indefensible, would they refuse? If their actions
> were questioned, would they defend themselves? Would they defend their
> institution? 

I have got a theory that I have, which is mine, (etc.)...

- Anne Elk, Monty Python's Flying Circus

According to this theory that I have, the cattle mutilation reports
present as highly consistent with germ warfare research in progress.

The MK NAOMI papers tell us that our three letter agencies have release
"weakened strains" of pathogens in U.S. cities, and monitored hospital
admissions to track their spread.  So I see no reason they would
hesitate to do similar research on BW vectors in livestock populations.
 Why?  To develop both attacks and defenses against economic warfare by
means of epidemics affecting commercially valuable animals.

First and foremost, the nature of the wounds and the tissues collected
appear fully consistent with collecting specimens relevant to evaluating
the behavior of an infectious disease in progress:  Organs presenting as
potential sites for entry and/or initial infection by pathogens, and
blood which would indicate the metabolic and immune responses to

Second, in most reports it seems obvious that the samples were collected
by someone equipped with laser cutting tools:  Clean, straight edged
wounds that did not bleed - not even one drop.  As these procedures
/apparently/ took place at sites without so much as a wall socket,
whoever did it had to carry both the (then) rare and expensive laser
surgery gear /and/ its power source with them.

Third, helicopters.  I have seen reports where witnesses describe
hearing and, rarely, seeing helicopters at the sites where the dead
animals were later found.  "Black helicopters" do exist - 20 years ago I
saw three fly right over my house near downtown Orlando, at treetop
level.  I heard what I thought was a helicopter approaching from maybe a
quarter mile away, looked up, and they were passing directly overhead.
At the time I assumed they were on a training or demonstration flight.
These airplanes first became available at about the time the cattle
mutilation stories started to surface.

4th, no tracks.  The people who found and reported them saw no signs
that any vehicles had been near the animals until the folks who reported
them showed up.  No ranchers in these areas ever reported any signs of
ground-level intruders, as far as I can recall.  So, aircraft seem an
unavoidable part of the picture.

5th, no flying saucers.  I do not recall even one instance where a
mutilation report coincided by time and place with any reports
describing "classic UFO" phenomena, except where and as consistent with
the quiet helicopter model, i.e. stationary or nearly stationary bright
lights seen at or very near ground level.  I seem to recall a couple of
accounts where the lights were pointed at distant observers to obscure
whatever was going on at the sites.

Had the Hettrick murder been associated with a similar project or
program, I would expect to find multiple accounts of similar unsolved
murders - but a cursory search turned up nothing that looked connected.
 In the Hettrick case, a cursory review indicates that investigators
found no reason to doubt that her wounds were made by conventional edged
tools.  Maybe a fan of the Whitechapel killer and/or Ed Gein at work?

In re government involvement in "black magic," see papers associated
with Michael Aquino, and accounts of military PsyOps exploitation of
"superstitious beliefs."

Also check out the Stanford Institute, a CIA think tank in Marin County,
California:  SRI was famous for certifying Israeli stage magician Uri
Geller as an authentic miracle worker, but much more important as the
organization that produced the New Age Bible called A Course In
Miracles.  The Course, as its devotees call it, teaches a complete
circular argument world-view where wishing literally makes all things
so.  Therefore all who suffer for any reason voluntarily brought it on
themselves - by logical extension "social conscience" presents as a
correctable personal weakness.  I have seen devotees of the Course
demonstrate the results of this discipline in real life.

The paranormal and quasi-religious subdivisions of Conspiracy Studies
present a playground big enough for a lifetime of aimless wandering.
Only beware:  Stare at goats long enough, and you might start bleating.


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