Wikileaks by US Politician Gabbard

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Mar 11 01:47:42 PDT 2019

"If the government can change the designation of @Wikileaks from being
a news organization (Obama Admin’s designation of Wikileaks) to a
hostile intelligence agency (Trump Admin’s designation), then any
entity – online and offline – is in danger of being designated a
‘hostile intelligence service’ if they carry out investigative
reporting that the US government or a particular administration
considers to be hostile to itself. This will have a chilling effect on
investigative reporting of powerful government agencies or officials,
including the president, intel agencies, etc. This is a serious breach
of our constitutional freedoms and every American – Democrat,
Republican or Independent – must stand up against it."

This one doesn't seem to understand or mind breaching Constitutional Freedoms...

US election cycle starting up... history shows endless streams
of liars and hypocrites seek the podium... stock up on popcorn.

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