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Tue Jun 25 01:36:34 PDT 2019

Stunned Anderson Cooper Cuts CNN Interview After Trump Accuser Calls
Rape "Sexy"

Less than 48 hours after columnist (and soon to be book author) E.
Jean Carroll accused (in a New York Magazine article) Donald Trump of
raping her in a dressing room in high-end department store, Bergdorf
Goodman, in the 1990's, CNN had gleefully invited the accuser on to
discuss the details of this horrific act from her past.

Things did not go according to plan for CNN... and we suspect for Ms.
Carroll's book sales.

While President Trump has vehemently denied the rape took place, a
sensitive Anderson Cooper welcomed the woman on to his CNN show...
then things went 'full awkward'.

  Cooper asked Carroll, "you don't feel like a victim?" after she
  suggested that was the case, and things went downhill fast.

  The seemingly unstable Carroll replied, "I was not flung to the

  Cooper retorted, "I think most people think of rape as a violent

  To which Carrol replied, stunning the CNN anchor, "I think most
  people think of rape as being sexy..."

  Cooper stuttered, stumbled, and quickly cut the interview straight
  to a commercial break, but not before Carroll could add "...think
  of the fantasies."

Perhaps next time, CNN will vet the mental health of their
Trump-bashing guests a little better? Are we still supposed to
believe every accuser or did Carroll just crush the credibility of
the last two years of #MeToo-ism accusations in one 30-second

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