Cryptocurrency: zk-SNARK Privacy Coins, Why and How They Work

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> > 	is that the thing that requires a 'trusted'(LMAO!!) 'setup'?
> No, 

	some more FACTS on zcash

	quote:"There is no evidence whatsoever that the first Trusted setup was compromised." 

	sure sure. Absence of evidence is evidence of abscence!! Right? Right? 

	quote:"at the time of writing this 23% of all network transactions are shielded. " 

	in other words 77% of transactions ARE PUBLIC.

	quote:"Zcash founders decided to allocate 10% of the 21 million Zcash that will ever be issued to go to a set of addresses dubbed the “Founders Reward”" 

	sp 10% of all monetary base has been TAXED. 

	quote:"For an average transaction size of 2000 bytes in a Private " 

	that is to say, private transactions are 10 times bigger than bitcoin transactions. So what would happen if zcash was actually USED and 

	quote: "Fiction: Zcash is not widely accepted on Darknet markets and somehow that’s a bad thing

	Opinion: This last one always leaves me saying WTF? Why would you want to promote the use of your favorite crypto-currency on dark marketplaces? The only reasons I can think of are self-centeredness, greed, and short-sightedness (or a combination of all those).	

	oh look! the piece of shit who wrote that article is making it quite clear that he's against freedom. 

	quote:"Zcash doesn’t need darknet markets to be successful and I hope that Zcash doesn’t ever get widely used on them." 


	quote:"Illegal use is often an unfortunate by-product of any advance in technology." 

	so what were you saying grarpamp? 

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