Area 51: 1M to Storm Area 51 in Massive Naruto Run to See Them Aliens

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Jul 20 14:56:44 PDT 2019

> about Naruto run...

That was from some detained Intergalactic Alien telepathically
or telekinetically posting on Facebook, describing silly physical
method to use to come and rescue them

> Naruto's running

not from any knowledge of whatever thing method
may have come from, 'we just walk because we
have no "time"' for that shit

> it's tricky

In New York the people talk and try to make us rhyme, bae.


> efficient

Now on real...

pilobilus said:
> I do see a bit more here than a comedy version of civil disobedience.

Oh God Yes, this is definitely a serious thing about
to go down, people have no idea the decades long
undercurrent and resentment to the lies and secrecy,
the now massive groundswell uprising and offline
preparations going into this, it's all over fucking YouTube
surpassing 10M+ hits on the top videos now, and
it's all over everywhere else with it's own fucking meme
engine now as well. It's totally going to happen, and there
is no logical sane or moral option but for the Stormers to win.
Don't be surprised if it unrolls into a complete nationwide
stand aside routing of the entire US government in favor of
Libertarian Voluntaryism Anarchist principles.

In the last week at least another 1M+ people committed
to the action, and that's just on Facebook alone...

as of now: "1.8M Going - 1.3M Interested"

The movement's even got their own in house composers making
epic theme music for it, the Stormers are going to be playing
this stuff from behind the third line as they charge...

Stormers planners already started reallocating hashpower (why the
fuck else you think crypto prices tanked the last four days)
into running thousands of recombinant parametric computer
sims on their home WOPR's to find the winning solution, the
Stormers are now adding strategic talent and hardware
resources and beginning to learn faster than Skynet soon...

Mobilization to cause is known to be easily doable...

Look back at the masses of people that showed up to the last
US Total Solar Eclipse, thousands upon thousands of people
amassed like multiple instances of 1980's Bon Jovi U2 Metallica
concerts, even Burning Man in the scorching desert pegs the
artificial Govt caps at 70k six years in a row... and people
somehow think even just a 100k worth of eclipser's won't show
and help force their way in to see and talk with some real
live aliens before they board their ships and launch themselves
back to outer space... newsflash!, you're on fucking crack

So lets just be real once again repeating the obvious outcome...

If 500,000^W, now even a fraction of 2M, people actually
appeared in a flashmob outside Area 51 and *actually
proceeded to storm it in unison*, the people would win...
because the alternative, of murdering them all, over nothing
but some stupid secrets and secrecy regimes... the second
that hits the news, the guns are coming out.
In all scenerios, Government as the US knows it, dies.

Never, ever, underestimate the potential, speed,
and power of a good and worthy revolt, ever.

"They can't stop all of us!"
Storm Area 51

And every other place till there are no more
Government secrets.

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