Small considerations (was Re: It is insufficient that my life is ruined)

Cecilia Tanaka cecilia.tanaka at
Fri Jul 19 23:12:35 PDT 2019

On Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 9:38 AM John Newman <jnn at> wrote:
> Feel better Cici :)   I've flipped a motorcycle and broken my
> shoulder, been run over crossing the street and broken my
> knee and tibia, had a few epileptic seizures where I fell
> over again (for some reason always on my bad arm) and
> had to have MORE surgeries... Ack, I have great empathy
> for you!  Get well soon.

John-John, hope you are feeling better.  Sorry for being so late but
had some of the worst weeks of my life in the last days.

I hate to break my bones, hurts, surgeries, scars, pain, medicines,
etc, etc.  If I can help you in some way, please tell me.

Now is a bit late here and I will have classes on this Saturday, in a
few hours, so I think it's better to sleep soon.  In any case, just to
make you laugh, a little cecilian fool story: - I broke my coccyx
while having sex in my local work stairs...  I fell down the stairs
because he was very...  err...  very "enthusiastic" in our
intercourse, hahahaha!!!  ;D

It was f*cking painful, but it was absolutely impossible to avoid the
hysterical laugh and the doctor and I almost die without breathing,
only laughing...  Holy FSM, I really had a fun life, hahahaha!!!

Wish you the same, my dear:  much health, fun sex, laugh, cool
motorcycles, music, and all the happiness of the Universe!  <3

Love you, John.  Please, take care, be well, and heal soon, my dear
friend.  And avoid accidents with stairs for now, hahahaha!!!!  <3

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