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Mon Jul 15 05:38:08 PDT 2019

Feel better Cici :)   I've flipped a motorcycle and broken my
shoulder, been run over crossing the street and broken my
knee and tibia, had a few epileptic seizures where I fell 
over again (for some reason always on my bad arm) and
had to have MORE surgeries... Ack, I have great empathy 
for you!  Get well soon.


On July 15, 2019 5:14:10 AM UTC, Cecilia Tanaka <cecilia.tanaka at> wrote:
>On Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 9:51 PM rooty <arpspoof at> wrote:
>> Stop taunting he already scared own shadow omg. Luv you ci ci
>> -------- Original Message --------
>> On Jul 11, 2019, 5:42 PM, Razer < g2s at> wrote:
>"ci ci is pretty sick sick" and very hurt at this moment, but loves
>you too, my little bot rooty cutie pie.
>Thank you for worrying about Ryan's mental, psychological, and
>physical health.  I don't know him, we are not friends, but his
>suffering is visible and it's sweet of you to show some compassion and
>support to a person in need.   It's his cry for help and I don't know
>how to help him.
>Well , Razer ...  This song is pretty scary but beautiful and
>interesting at the same time, my dear beloved.  Thank you very much
>for sharing this little treasure with the list!  <3
>I also love you, even when you prefer to send kisses only to Juan,
>hahaha!!  I confess I felt a little bit jealous, but it is impossible
>to compete with him: he is always much more charming than me,
>hahahaha...  ;D
>My dearest pumpkin grarpamp, I loved the music but not much the joke
>about Naruto run...  It's a bit strange, but Naruto's running was
>scientifically already proved as very efficient.  Wow, man, it 's
>tricky, you know, hahaha!!!  ;D
>Juan, I know you do not care about my opinion, but I do trust and
>respect Greg and Riad.  Seriously, they are very brave, kind, and
>patient.   Real CypherPunks, my love.
>M, S, a, J, et al, I am still alive, but almost gave up and gone this
>time with an insane physical and the most devasting emotional pain
>that I could only imagine for several different reasons.  Two new
>surgeries next week.  Being honest, something already died inside me,
>and it was one of my best, my dearest qualities.  I will miss my lost
>innocence, some of my dearest dreams, and my most sincere hopes about
>part of humanity.  My heart is broken and I am hurt.
>Well, I will need to take some time for healing and finally, feel
>better.  In this meanwhile, you all can summon my big bad bro, LooLoo.
>Lucifer is - pretty obviously! - a lawyer too.  Much better than me,
>but has curious theories about religions. He does believe in God and
>says he saw His/Her face in person, shining in absolute splendor, and
>talking to him.  Well, some people say it's true faith.  I call
>"schizophrenia" or "mental dementia"...  :P
>Just an excerpt from "Crying For Help" lyrics...
>"I wandered around
>The streets of this town
>Trying to find sense in it all
>The rain on my face
>It covers the trace
>Of all the tears
>I've had to waste
>Why must we hide emotions?
>Why must we never break down and cry?
>All that I need
>Is to cry for help
>Somebody please hear me
>Cry for help
>All I can do"
>Is cry for help
>No need to feel ashamed
>Release the pain
>Cry for help"
>But my broken heart is singing this song in the last days...
>"Don't wanna to give my heart away
>To another stranger
>Or let another day begin
>Won't even let the sunlight in
>No, I'll never love again
>I'll never love again, ooh..."
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