It is best to insulate yourself from this investigation

Ryan Carboni 33389 at
Fri Jul 12 09:30:31 PDT 2019

It is best to insulate yourself from this investigation, I recommend requesting an affidavit from the government stating I wasn't in special education with general education classes from elementary school to high school. The accusations against me doesn't make sense, are ludicrous on the face, and simply serve as a minimal pretext to obtain probable cause. As far as I can tell by the government reenacting various accusations against me (which truly is cruel considering these are false accusations and that I had no involvement), the US government is putting more effort to stop a guy doing nothing, than an abusive woman who was let off, and currently has an interesting source of employment with the government (why employ a person that would reduce the government's reputation if this the goal, is the government not declaring that it is run by traitors?).

If this case was subject to public examination, the woman would have to be produced, and quickly the government would be shown to be totally incompetent. Or maybe sheep led by wolves.

Regardless, immense amounts of resources has been focused towards me.

If I'm lying, it could be argued that I am obstructing an investigation, that everyone knows about, but can't be disclosed to me.

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