Dalai “Trigger Master” Llama doubles TF down :D - “better, is keep Europe for Europeans” - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Sat Jul 6 06:01:05 PDT 2019

 Push the lefty Marxists and make them throw up.
 Push the lefty Marxists and make them throw up.

Oh come on! Can't I have just a --little-- chuckles?

My precious, precious chuckles :D

So everybody's favourite conservative, the Dalai "Trigger Master In
Chief" Llama is literally stonking along to double the firetruck down
on his (somewhat conservative by modern standards, eminently
reasonable, and unmistakably moderate) statements from September

Which the inglorious (((BBC lame stream media))), entirely ignored.
At least last year.

This year the BBC sent a female, continental Indian by DNA, yet born
in the UK, yet moved "back" to India, reporter, to interview, cross
examine, or otherwise put the Dalai Llama the obvious bait "but
you're an immigrant too?!" to which the Trigger Master responded
consistently with his past statements:

  youtube-dl https://t.co/Ua0UVHOOhA

Enjoy a moment of solidarity with our right wing ethno nationalist
promoting Buddhists, muh muffaluggerin grits!

  An ethno nationalist 'en-flagged' shoe pair?
  - $70

  An all expenses interview with Dalai Trigger Master Llama?
  - The BBCs taxpayer funded rort will cover that.

  An email celebratin His Holiness The Dalai Trigger Master Llama's
  - The marginal cost of a laptop's 2 minutes of electricity.

  For everything else, there's David Duke :)

I can't believe it's not right wing Buddhist death squads already...

You know you love it :)

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