wikipedia article deleted by [FEMINAZI SCUM] - also disappears from

Punk punks at
Tue Jul 2 16:30:29 PDT 2019

	so let me put it another way. I knew that page for years and I knew it was a 'legitimate' page by wikimierda's own 'standards' - that's why it was there for ~7 years. 

	So I thought it would be easy to show that wikipedia had a particular page for 7 years and then deleted it out of the blue. I was pretty surprised when I found out that there no references to that page in Whatever previous snapshots had,  they went down the memory hole. 

	Notice how the only way to find out about details regarding the operation of wikimierda-NSA,, tor-NSA and all the rest of cyberwarfare projects that americunts produce is by having a HUMAN looking at them. Automation here is meaningless. 

ps: notice how the worthless piece of fascist shit shawn quinn explcitly rewrites my messages. Infinite self parody. 





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