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Mon Jul 1 13:17:02 PDT 2019

On July 1, 2019 9:22:24 AM UTC, Cecilia Tanaka <cecilia.tanaka at> wrote:
>On Mon, Jul 1, 2019, 00:30 Ryan Carboni <33389 at> wrote:
>> >Well, sex and/or masturbation is always a good way to relax, Ryan.
>> If your idea of a good joke is keeping a cup of water out of reach of
>> dying man or is in that category, then I suggest that you drop dead
>> you can explain yourself better.
>Hormones, Ryan.  Sex increases the production of oxytocin, endorphins,
>dopamine, etc.  Sorry, is it so really hard to understand?  :(

There's always drugs too :).  I'd recommend sticking to smoking
dope.. Dope as in marijuana, I realize junkies smoke heroin in some 
parts of the world, and speed freaks tend to call their shit dope,
but I don't recommend extended use of those substances.

>Please, get a life and try to make it lovely, meaningful, and
>Try to be happy.  And I do recommend some sex and/or masturbation. 
>more about both subjects, instead of creating your own daily conspiracy
>I do absolutely not care about "dropping dead", but it is not nice to
>the death of someone who was trying to make you feeling better.
>Sincerely?  You are already dead inside, with no music in your heart.
>Take care and have a good life, please.  Living is always cool, very
>curious, and interesting, even when it's a complete sh*t...  Learn to
>appreciate it, dear.  Good days and nights...  <3
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