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 I want to tell this person that when I first heard of the term "hacker", upon my arrival at MIT in August 1976, it was used to mean informal expertise in technical fields, NOT specifically computers, and NOT specifically software.   At the time, for example, I would have classified myself as a "chemistry hacker" or an "electronics hacker".   I don't recall any hint that 'hacker' implied improper usage of a skill.
It was only years later, in the early 1980's as I recall, that the term "hacker" had been abusively changed in usage to mean illegal or malicious use of a technical skill.
I realize that it's hard to swim against the tide of current usage, but I hope you will at least expose people to this early usage of the word.
             Jim Bell

    On Tuesday, January 29, 2019, 9:46:50 AM PST, Alexandre Garcia Aguado <aleaguado at educahacker.cc> wrote:  
 Good Morning,

I'm Alex, from São Paulo - Brazil, teacher and part of some groups and
projects that aims to bring the hacker culture to the schools and
connect schools with the hacker communities...

Two years ago i started my phd work, trying to understand the relations
between hacker culture and an education to empowerment/emancipation.
Part of my efforts now is to better understand how the hacker culture
have been lived (and helped people) around the world and in the
different movements and communities. I really want to have a broader and
heterogeneous view about this ...

I know many of you have experienced in collectives and communities very
strong aspects of the hacker culture, so, i would like to ask your help,
if possible, sharing your experiences and opinions. We created a
questionnaire to try to capture these different views. The link is
http://educahacker.cc/survey/index.php/881144?lang=en ... It would be
great to have your perceptions!

For those who have some interest on this, ping us and let's be in touch!

Thank you so much!



Alexandre Garcia Aguado
Instituto Federal de São Paulo / Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona
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