Leaks: Dark Side Of The Kremlin - 108GB via DistributedDenialOfSecrets

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Sat Jan 26 00:12:25 PST 2019

If true, our Russkie bros need to up their Linux|BSD|Libre game.
Here's a suggested start:

 - BSD desktop

 - software USB condom - i.e. audit the USB 1|2|3 stacks for Linux &

 - every day VMs on the desktop - perhaps Russkify Qubes OS

 - while we're at it, get some badass I2P drop box shirt happening :)

Create your world,

On Sat, Jan 26, 2019 at 01:20:23AM -0500, grarpamp wrote:
> https://archive.org/details/DarkSideOfTheKremlin
> infohash:305a8569f0728290a171fb843a02c0cd21db9a97
> infohash:fe604c9b2698dc48df9a35d31dab143c1f4eb277
> :)
> https://twitter.com/NatSecGeek
> https://twitter.com/DDoSecrets
> http://ddosecretspzwfy7.onion/
> Distributed Denial of Secrets (“DDOS”) is a transparency collective,
> aimed at enabling the free transmission of data in the public
> interest. We aim to avoid any political, corporate or personal
> leanings, and to act as a simple beacon of available information. As a
> collective, we do not support any cause, idea or message beyond
> ensuring that information is available to those who need it most - the
> people.
> While we are happy to serve as an index to data of all varities, all
> much meet the following two criteria:
>     Is the data of public interest?
>     Can a prima facie case be made for the veracity of the contents?
> Unless already public, or as authorized by our source, we do not
> disclose the providing party of any received information, and we are
> fully commited to ensuring their anonymity from all threats. We can
> never advise on the perfect procedure for transferring data to us or
> anyone else, but we can act as a shield for that process and share
> advice from our experience. Often our role is to not just make data
> available, but to act as a anonymity guard to pass data to journalists
> and other figures best positioned to interrogate it.

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