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Great zerowedgy article. This bot got PTSD from hanging out at sites like this thinking people are follow him. Just saying think Ryan agrees.

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> From the “embrace your inner stress cadet” department:
> PTSD: The Price You Pay For Survival
> Something a lot of people forget when they think about survival
> is what happens after you’ve survived. When you get through
> something terrible, there’s always a price you must pay for
> your survival. You won’t get through it unscathed.
> Oftentimes, that price is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or
> PTSD. This is a very real condition triggered by
> experiencing or witnessing a horrifying event or series of
> events. You can learn more about PTSD here on the VA
> website. Once called “shell shock” or “battle fatigue
> syndrome” it can affect more than just soldiers.
> You can’t survive something awful and expect to live
> unscathed. PTSD isn’t a symptom of weakness. It’s a
> sign that you have a conscience and a heart. It’s a
> sign that you love and you care. It’s part of being a
> survivor, and that’s why all of us are here – we want
> to survive.
> In this article, Selco shares his deeply personal
> experience with PTSD.
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