PTSD “a sign you have a conscience and a heart… a sign you love and you care” - [PEACE]

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Wed Jan 23 16:36:37 PST 2019

>From the “embrace your inner stress cadet” department:

PTSD: The Price You Pay For Survival

  Something a lot of people forget when they think about survival
  is what happens after you’ve survived. When you get through
  something terrible, there’s always a price you must pay for
  your survival. You won’t get through it unscathed. 

  Oftentimes, that price is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or
  PTSD. This is a very real condition triggered by
  experiencing or witnessing a horrifying event or series of
  events.  You can learn more about PTSD here on the VA
  website. Once called “shell shock” or “battle fatigue
  syndrome” it can affect more than just soldiers.

  You can’t survive something awful and expect to live
  unscathed. PTSD isn’t a symptom of weakness. It’s a
  sign that you have a conscience and a heart. It’s a
  sign that you love and you care. It’s part of being a
  survivor, and that’s why all of us are here – we want
  to survive.

  In this article, Selco shares his deeply personal
  experience with PTSD.

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